Hao Noodle features a serene and intimate environment complemented by heavenly, housemade noodles and authentic Chinese recipes steeped by thousands of years of tradition.

In the Chinese language, “Hao” (好) means “Great”. Moreover, “Hao” (好) also symbolizes the strive for perfection. In the culinary world, “Hao” (好) proclaims a constant devotion to authenticity and quality. Thus, achieving “Hao”, is our restaurant’s mission.

In Chinese culture, we believe that days of joy and moments of happiness should be celebrated with great food, as our appreciation of food is the most intimate connection, which we can establish and share with each other.




Madam Zhu has a rich experience in running restaurant business for more than fifteen years in Mainland China. She has founded and managed renowned restaurant chains such as “Yuxiang Family” “ Happy Family” and now she manages the chain of Madam Zhu’s Kitchen in China, which has eight restaurants in Beijing, Shanghai, and Hangzhou, and the chain is thriving and expanding.

Madam Zhu has an earnest love for discovering and making good food. She travelled globally and extensively in an effort to taste various kinds of culinary creations and experience different food cultures. When working at the restaurant, Madam Zhu is determined and passionate to make tasteful Chinese dishes using fresh and healthy ingredients.



Following the first Madam Zhu's Kitchen ( 汉舍 )'s 2008 opening in Beijing, over the past 9 years, having committed to the culinary aspiration of always making authentic Chinese cuisine from fresh products, Madam Zhu's Kitchen has expanded with five locations in Shanghai and one in Hangzhou, catering to the local customers' preference and using local products. This spring, one more Madam Zhu's Kitchen has opened in Beijing's World Trade Center, that adds up to a total of eight Madam Zhu's Kitchen restaurants in mainland China. 


Shang Hai(上海)

  Madam Zhu's Kitchen Dingxiang Road

  DingXiang Road 1399 Lane 30 3 Floor, Pudong, Shanghai, China

  +86 21 5011 9003

  Madam Zhu's Kitchen Nanfeng Cheng Shanghai

  100 Zunyi Road, Hongqiao, Nanfeng Cheng South, #L508

  +86 21 6237 0681, 6237 0691


  Madam Zhu's Kitchen Qibao Wanke

  #3366 Caobao Road, Wanke Mall, L438

  +86 21 6389 5228; 6389 5229


Madam Zhu's Kitchen Yueda 889

(Michelin's Recommendation)

Third Floor, Yueda 889 Square, 889 Wanhangdu Lu, near Changshou Lu, Jingan District, Shanghai

+86 21 6231 881


 Madam Zhu's Kitchen Xiexin Xingguang Square

34, #99 Nong Shouyang Rd , Xiexin Xingguang Square, 2nd Floor, 208

+86 21 5679 7326

Bei Jing(北京)

  Madam Zhu's Kitchen

  F1 Block D No.6 Jia Chaoyang Menwai Avenue, Chaoyang District, Beijing

  +86 10 5907 1625


Sichuanese Cuisine & Bourgogne by Madam Zhu's Kitchen

  NL4019, 1 Jianguomen Outer St, Chaoyang District, Beijing

  +86 10 8535 1627


Hang Zhou(杭州)

  Madam Zhu's Kitchen (including Xiaoya by Madam Zhu's Kitchen) 

  No.100 Lishui Road, Gongshu District, Hangzhou

  +86 571 8802 1288