Hao Chef's Table

A monthly series featuring seasonal dishes that reflect the culinary culture in contemporary China. Based on century-old recipes that still hold up to modern palates, the dishes are creative additions to our daily menu at Hao Noodle.

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Past Events

SEP 12, 2019

Hao Chef's Table: Moon Festival

As we enter the month of September, we celebrate one of the most important Chinese festivals, Moon Festival, over round-shaped mooncakes. For the second Chef's Table, Hao Noodle will be presenting house-made Shanghai styled mooncakes in two classic flavors along with our signature seasonal skewers at the Chelsea location.

AUG 22, 2019

Hao Chef's Table: First Day of Fall

Our first event in this series is "First Day of Fall" which is created and cooked by Executive Chef Jun Chen who is known for Shanghai Benbang cuisine, the dishes are representative of what Shanghainese enjoy as the seasons transition.