West Village - 西村

Like pasta to the Italians, noodles are an essential daily food to the Chinese.

In this menu, Hao Noodle has selected noodles that best represent the food culture of its origin, tailored for New York's dynamic audience without sacrificing authenticity. 

At our Greenwich Village location, we introduce to you not only a condensed encyclopedia of traditional Chinese noodles, but also feature progressive culinary trends happening now, rather than the Chinatown taste that you are familiar with.  



Chelsea - 切尔西

Speaking of world-renowned culinary skills, we must mention barbecue.

In China, people prefer small portions on skewers as a more delicate way of eating meat. You will find skewer booths on the streets and in the alleyways in all major cities in China, where families and friends enjoy skewers with cold dishes and beers.

At our Meatpacking/Chelsea location, in addition to our signature noodles and appetizer choices, we offer a rich array of barbecue choices that present the various tastes of Chinese barbecue as part of the Hao fine dining experience.