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Speaking of world-renowned culinary skills, we must mention bar- beque.

Grilling food over fire is the most original form of cooking, as the story of Prometheus stealing fire for humanity and enabling the beginning of civilization attests to. Barbeque is so popular that it has different interpretations in all nations. In China, people prefer small portions on skewers as a more delicate way of eating meat. You will find skewer booths on the streets and in the alleyways in all major cities in China, where families and friends enjoy skewers with cold dishes and beers. The succulent flavor of the meat and the relaxed ambience of barbequing makes happy hour last until midnight, es- pecially in the summer.

At our Meatpacking/Chelsea location, in addition to our signature noodles and appetizer choices, we offer a rich array of barbecue choices that present the various tastes of Chinese barbecue as part of the Hao fine dining experience.